Handicrafts in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is popularly known as the Treasure House of Indian handicrafts. The Royal state of Rajasthan has the wealth of Handicrafts, Gems and Jewels, Natural stone which makes it a shopper's paradise.

Absolutely astounding and unique in concept, colour and workmanship, the art and handicrafts of Rajasthan are beyond comparison. Be it jewellery, painting, furniture, stone articles, silver articles, leatherware, pottery, metal craft or hand-printed textiles, each object has a penetrating and irresistible appeal. An ethnic aura envelopes even the simplest of forms, making each one truly a collectors delight.

If you come across an Indian handicraft object abroad, maximum chances are that it was made in the state of Rajasthan. Connoisseurs, wholesalers and buyers from across the world throng in their thousands to the state to shop for clothes, textiles, miniature paintings, jewellery, puppets and pottery. As a destination for souvenirs, nowhere else in India comes close.There is no doubt that its handicrafts of Rajasthan have caught the imagination of the people all over the world.

Extremely amazing and unique in color, concept and workmanship, the art and handicrafts of Rajasthan are unparallel. Be it metal craft, furniture, painting or leather ware. Each object has a sharp and irresistible allure.

Marwar region in Rajasthan is noted all over the world for its artifacts, antiques, traditional furniture and handicrafts. Finely designed objects such as photo frame, jharokhas and white metal products are amazing. The metalware of Rajasthan comprises artistic brass work, enamelled, engraved and filigree-cut work on silver.

As a result there has been a growing demand for the handicrafts products of Rajasthan all over the world and Rajasthan holds a pride of place among the largest handicraft hubs of the planate.

It is indeed a compliment to the spirit of the people of Rajathan who work hard to put the state on the world map of handicrafts.


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